First version released

The first public release of Xeres is available. Please note that it’s considered as a beta release (i.e. many features are still lacking) and you shouldn’t use it for mission critical stuff yet. But feel free to play around with it and give feedback as there’s still a lot of ongoing development.

What is supported

Xeres is compatible with Retroshare 0.6.6 or higher and can connect with such instances. Right now the supported services are as follows:

  • service info
  • discovery
  • heartbeat
  • rtt
  • chat (partial)
  • status (partial)
  • gxsid (partial)

Xeres can mostly be used for chatting. Either private messages (one friend to another) or group chats, also known as chat rooms.

Known bugs

  • creating a chat room is a bit spotty (the other side will see it but the local side requires a reconnect sometimes)
  • Retroshare seems to not like the outgoing GxsIds and refuses them, resulting of an “Unknown” identity in the chat rooms

Author: zapek

Project Leader

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