Version 0.3.1 released

Finally a new release!

I now switched to Github Actions, which means it’s easier to build and as a bonus there’s now a MacOS version (but see here).

Here’s the list of changes:

Chat UI improvements

  • add time stamps prefix for each line
  • improve text formatting
  • add support for URLs
  • add support for emojis
  • add image support for node to node messaging
  • add support for inline certificate links
  • add support for actions (/me is happy)
  • add nicknames coloring

General UI improvements

  • add ability to delete profiles
  • sort profiles and identities

Protocol improvements

  • forward chat messages between multiple peers
  • handle SSL handshake failures properly
  • better recovery from a suspend/resume cycle (for example on a laptop)
  • chat rooms can be created even when no peer is connected
  • certificate support is back
  • add support for DNS names in certificates

And many bug fixes and other improvements.

Head over to Github to download it.

Author: zapek

Project Leader

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