Version 0.3.2 released

New release!

Contains many performance improvements as well as private chat rooms support.

There’s also a JAR version which is supposed to run on Linux ARM64 and OSX ARM64 too. Since I don’t have the hardware to test, your feedback is welcome.

Update: the JAR doesn’t seems to work. Missing JavaFX native libraries for some reasons. Use the installer instead.

List of changes:

Chat UI improvements

  • chat rooms with unread messages are highlighted
  • scrollback buffer fixes
  • unseen chat rooms are removed after a while

General UI improvements

  • visible error messages when there’s a startup problem
  • peer window only shows connected locations instead of all of them
  • improved ‘add certificate’ window

Protocol improvements

  • add user timeout support in chat rooms
  • faster syncing for distributed chat
  • improved identity transfers reliability
  • add private chats rooms with invitation support
  • faster connection to a peer by using the best connection first


  • smaller packaging by only bundling needed native libraries
  • added JAR version: needs a local JDK 17 and runs on all supported architectures + Linux ARM64 and OSX ARM64

Head over to Github to download it.

Author: zapek

Project Leader

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