Version 0.4.0 released

Finally a new release!

This release was focusing on fixing many bugs regarding the GxS syncing, many parts have been rewritten and it’s now faster and more reliable.

The chat UI has been refined too. Xeres can be used as a daily chat system.

I also upgraded to the latest H2, which is unfortunately not backward compatible. This means you have to delete your user data and recreate a profile. Sorry! From now on I’ll be more careful when upgrading and provide an automated path.

List of changes:

Chat UI

  • improve chat room info display
  • add tooltip over the user list
  • improve nickname completion: the tab key handles multiple nicknames and works anywhere
  • display received broadcasts


  • add support for identity avatar image, including setting it


  • faster and more consistent GxS syncing


  • upgrade to latest H2 (this means the user data needs to be deleted before upgrading, sorry!)


  • allow to manually select a peer IP to connect to
  • connect immediately to peers when adding them
  • allow to manually set trust levels


  • add a log file in the user directory (useful for troubleshooting)
  • display profile and location name in the main window
  • improve error messages

And many bug fixes and other improvements.

Head over to Github to download it.

Author: zapek

Project Leader

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