Version 0.5.1 released

This release contains quite some important features:

Support for Tor and I2p.

Which means you can connect to Tor and I2P peers.

And support for the DHT.

Which means you can connect to other Xeres/Retroshare peers even if you don’t know their IPs.

There’s a lot of cool new UI features, especially the settings part where you can configure all the above and also control UPNP and Broadcast Discovery.

There’s also the (in)famous LEDs in the status bar 🙂

Here’s the list of changes:


  • add Tor support
  • add I2P support
  • add DHT support
  • improve UPNP compatibility with Askey devices
  • add hostname support in discovery
  • upgrade the broadcast discovery protocol to the latest ongoing version


  • add Settings UI
  • show a notification for detected clients on the LAN
  • add status bar
  • add leds for NAT and DHT status
  • improve Home UI and menus
  • improve tray icon (menu and tooltip)

Chat UI

  • bases the nickname color on the GxsId to make spoofing harder


  • prefer direct connection for clients on the same LAN
  • detect if the IP changed and reconfigures the services accordingly


  • add idle detection to change the status
  • add argument to start iconified

And many bug fixes and other improvements.

Head over to Github to download it.

Author: zapek

Project Leader

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